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The teachers at Centre for Movement Studies and Yoga Moves offer beginner and intermediate yoga classes; classes and private lessons in the Feldenkrais Method and meditation instruction. Currently, classes are taught over a series of four terms per year. 'Terms' are usually between 9 and 11 weeks (casual studies are welcome to drop in at any point in the term). There are also classes during the post New Year period in January. Most yoga classes are one and a half hours long. Feldenkrais and meditation lessons are usually 1 hour in length. A typical yoga class will include stretching and strengthening asanas (postures) combined with breath exercises and a guided meditation at the end of the class. Classes also include practical and pleasurable methods for increasing awareness, relaxation and energy in daily life. In addition to the regular schedule of weekly classes, there are workshops, retreats and corporate classes available.


Sara Elderfield

Sara grew up in Indonesia, Burma, country W.A. and Perth. She studied literature at U.W.A. for three years before meeting her teachers (Venerable Namgyal Rinpoche and Karma Chime Shore ) in 1993, at which point she embarked on an exploration of yoga, movement and meditation. She began teaching in 1996 and in 1999 started Yoga Moves. At the beginning of 2005 she commenced the four year Feldenkrais Method training and now teaches group classes (Awareness Through Movement) as well as seeing clients for individual lessons (Functional Integration). Since 2006 she has been running the Centre for Movement Studies studio which is based in Shenton Park and hosting a variety of workshops and classes run by other local and international teachers. In addition to the classes which run each week, Sara has also taught in numerous workplaces and schools throughout Perth and the South-West and takes groups overseas (Bali, Nepal, Vietnam, Tibet and France) for yoga, Feldenkrais, meditation and walking retreats. She is the current administrator for the Feldenkrais Training in Perth.

Sue Ward

Sue was born in Scotland and raised predominantly in Perth. She worked as a Clinic Nurse specialising in the care of Oncology and Haematology patients for 20 years. During the last 10 years, as her children grew to be adults, her focus shifted to more preventative health measures and wellness modalities. She has always believed prevention is better than cure. She started regular yoga classes a few times a week in 2006 which led to an increased interest in the balance between mind and body. In 2014, Sue commenced the four year Feldenkrais Practitioner Training Program being run in Perth. Having graduated as a Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement teacher in 2015, she is particularly interested in providing classes to help people move with greater ease and comfort. Following Feldenkrais principles, her classes provide alternative options for easier movement. To achieve ease of movement, Sue believes that the key is gaining a greater sense of self through the integration of breath with slow gentle movements. Classes: Pregnant Pauses - Feldenkrais classes for Mums-To-Be on Saturday afternoons 1.15am - 2.15am. Contact Details: Sue Ward Phone: 0407 717 056 Email: sue.ward@iinet.net.au

Mind Mates team: Emily Harper

Emily Harper: Emily is a Perth-born and trained Clinical Psychologist, who specialises in working with children and their parents. She has a passion for creative, playful and experiential approaches to mental health, and the ways children develop resilience. She has worked with individuals, families and groups for over ten years across both hospitals and community settings, in Perth as well as America. She maintains a keen interest in anthropology and cross-cultural psychology, and enjoys exploring different places all around the world, paying particular attention to the similarities and differences between cultures in their approach to mental health and well-being. Outside of work (and sometimes even at work!), she is rarely found without a bird or animal or two by her side. Emily and Tamara are assisted by volunteers who help keep the sessions running smoothly - all of whom have previous experience in Mindfulness and/or teaching.

Mind Mates team: Tamara Bushnell

Tamara Bushell: Since graduating as an Occupational Therapist from Curtin University, Tamara has worked across the areas of paediatrics, mental health and disability, in both the private and public sector - all of which fuelled her passion to work with children. She is particularly passionate about adopting a strengths based approach and working in a family-centred manner to help children reach their fullest potential. She enjoys working with children in a group environment and loves learning from children and watching them develop. Having grown up in the Wheatbelt, Tamara has a strong interest in the mental health needs of children from rural areas. She is particularly passionate about sensory regulation and sensory processing, and helping children and teenagers develop resiliency and coping skills. Tamara's therapy dog, "Rufus", sometimes joins her at work to help out. Emily and Tamara are assisted by volunteers who help keep the sessions running smoothly - all of whom have previous experience in Mindfulness and/or teaching.

Madeline Clare

Madeline Clare teaches with a spirit of energetic contradiction, seeking to realign mental and physical responses to subjective and objective phenomena. She adopts an intelligent and empathetic attitude towards her students to encourage simplicity and equanimity. Madeline was introduced to yoga in the 1970s at the age of 8, with a dedicated interest emerging a few years later. Teacher training began in the UK in 2008, and she returned to Australia to graduate from the E-shed Yoga School in 2010. Madeline also studies the holistic sciences of Ayurveda and homeopathy. To unify her collective experience of yoga traditions - Ashtanga, Hatha, Iyengar - into a dynamic, yet gentle practice, of spontaneous play, play being an essential life practice that generates reality, Madeline shares the inspirations that have transformed her own dedicated practice. Iyengar’s alignment provided the solid foundation; Ashtanga vinyasa created the meditative movement and with a good understanding of pranayama, she continues to refine her practice to embrace an organic vitality of healthy living. Thursday evening 4.45 - 6.15pm Beginners A gentle hatha yoga with a focus on body and breath awareness to improve upon strength and flexibility while cultivating a mindful practice. Suitable for all new to yoga or working with injury, trauma or stress related diseases. Thursday evening 6.30 - 8.00pm Intermediate For those who have some yoga experience, an increased focus on pranayama techniques and its physical manifestations in the body and mind to build flexibility and strength. A sense of equanimity in daily living is sought through a gently flowing, yet dynamic practice that encourages a discipline, which can be extended towards meditation. Contact details Madeline phone: 0457 699 666 Website: www.madelineclare.com Email: info@madelineclare.com

Richard Yin

Richard is a G.P. with a special interest in the holistic management of those with chronic pain. He has post-graduate training in the Feldenkrais Method, acupuncture, manipulative therapy and musculoskeletal medicine. He is also a long-term meditator aware of the interrelationship between body and mind.

Peter Humphry

I started practising yoga in 2006 looking for something to increase my strength, flexibility, and general physical health. I enjoyed it right from the beginning, and began to explore different styles, with different teachers; and as I learnt more I started to develop a deeper understanding of all the benefits that a regular yoga practice brings. As it brought strength, flexibility, and balance to my body, it also brought those same qualities to my mind, enabling me to enjoy the highs in life more, and also to cope better with the lows; it helped me start to live a more full and balanced life. I wanted to share this experience and to this end I embarked on the 350 hour teacher-training course at Fremantle Yoga Centre. My classes balance physical asana (postures), movement, and breath work.

Jude Carter

Jude’s interest in yoga began as a teenager. Over the years one class a week grew to two and so forth until her passion for yoga eventually lead to teacher training studies in 2005. Jude began teaching yoga at Hospice of Mother Tara, a Buddhist Centre in Bunbury WA, at the request of her yoga teacher. She completed her formal teacher training with Friends in Yoga and continued her yoga study with The Yoga Space in Perth and with Victor Chang (Yin Yoga). Jude is a member of Yoga Australia. Jude also has a Bachelor of Science in Human Movement Studies and Environment with honours and is currently studying Craniosacral therapy and Myofascial Release. Jude has traveled over much of Asia and has taught yoga and meditation to students in Nepal, India, Indonesia and Australia. She has been studying and practicing Tibetan Buddhism since her early adulthood and has been deeply moved and influenced by the yogic philosophy that is rooted in the Gelugpa lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. Her main teacher is the most kind and inspirational, Lama Zopa Rinpoche. Jude has witnessed the physical and mental/ emotional benefits yoga has brought to both herself and others over the years. This inspires her to share yoga with others so they too can experience mental and physical wellbeing, stillness, peace and wisdom. Tuesday morning 9:30am – Gentle Hatha Yoga - continuing beginner/ level 1 Gentle hatha yoga with a focus on gentle asanas, improving joint flexibility and function, slowing downing, inner reflection and relaxation. Suitable for all, including those with injuries and reduced mobility. Practice the foundations of hatha yoga in a non-judgemental and non-competitive environment. You will learn to develop mindfulness of your body and mind; breathing techniques that fully oxygenate the body, bring alertness in the mind and promote relaxation; basic yoga asanas (postures) that can balance the systems of the body, increase strength and fitness, and relieve stress and tension; and relaxation and meditation techniques to quieten the mind and bring about stillness and peace. Wednesday morning 9:15am 10.45am – Hatha Yoga – level 1/2 Hatha Yoga is a combination of asanas (postures) and pranayama (energy control using the breath) built on a foundation of ethics. This asana practice works towards increased flexibility, strength, balance and improved functioning of body systems. The class begins with yogic breathing practices, increasing in intensity to suit the level of the class and flows into deeper stretching as the body warms up. The class concludes with a relaxation/ meditation. Contact details Jude Carter: 0406 260 857 Website: www.pemayoga.com.au Email: info@pemayoga.com.au

Michael Bobrowicz

Michael has been meditating for 25 years mostly within the Buddhist tradition. He studied for over 20 years with the Venerable Namgyal Rinpoche. Michael worked both in private enterprise, owning companies and in the public sector managing waste and recycling for the city of Brisbane and has a good understanding of how to integrate meditation with a busy career. He loves meditation.

Chime Shore

Chime (pronounced Chimee) Shore has studied and taught in the Buddhist tradition for over 30 years. He received ordination in both the Theravadin and Vajrayana Traditions. He is a meditation teacher, sculptor, community worker and father. He has also worked in the mental health system helping people with their personal recovery. All of these things inform his teaching. Chime is known for his ability to speak directly and with kindness. Born in Canada, he now lives and teaches in Australia, New Zealand and Canada. He is the founding teacher of the Origins Centre in Balingup and The Wangapeka Study and Retreat Centre near Nelson, New Zealand. He is currently based at the Origins Centre in Balingup and leads regular meditation (mindfulness) retreats for individuals and families. Phone 9764 1275 for details.

Claire Schafer

As a student of yoga for more than 15 years, Claire delved deeper into her studies when she completed her formal yoga teacher training in 2007, under the tutelage of Kale Leaf at the Fremantle Yoga Centre. She then taught at the studio from 2007 - 2011 before travelling and working in Port Hedland with her husband. Claire uses yoga as a tool to become more present, grounded and aware in her everyday life. Yoga helps her juggle all her roles, including being a full time mama to two little people. Claire practices in the Hatha and Iyengar-based yoga traditions, with an emphasis on detail, precision and alignment. She also has training and a special interest in prenatal yoga. Her classes are infused with a sense of mindfulness, providing students time to explore and self reflect. Phone: 0439 529 744 Email: findyourfeetyoga@gmail.com