The Feldenkrais Method

Sara is a Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner. She runs weekly Awareness Through Movement classes at the studio and sees clients privately for individual Functional Integration lessons (descriptions and details below).

Sara also organises public workshops by other teachers in the Feldenkrais Method and is the administrative director of the Perth 3 Professional Feldenkrais Training Programme which will start in July 2013.

Awareness Through Movement (ATM) group classes 

We all have movement and posture ‘signatures’ or habits that are so recognisable that others can identify us from a distance simply by watching the way we move. Some of our habits are helpful; others may cause pain, injury, poor posture and/or be an unnecessary drain on our energies. The Feldenkrais Method is a way of exploring our unique movement and postural habits and discovering ways to change and improve them. In these classes, we become clearer about where we have movement and/or stability and where we don’t. At the same time, we learn new ways to move and/or balance with increased ease, efficiency and grace. We then apply this knowledge to improve our standing, sitting, walking, bending, stretching and playing in daily life. After all – daily life is where we spend most of our time. All levels of experience are welcome.

Please see the timetable for class times.

One-to-one Feldenkrais lessons (Functional Integration or F.I) with Sara

Each of us has postural and movement habits which govern the way we move and act in the world. Some of these habits serve us well, others can be problematic. In Awareness through Movement classes, a practitioner primarily uses words to guide participants toward new or improved ways of moving. In an individual Functional Integration lesson, the practitioner uses precise touch and gentle movements to highlight current habits and suggest new experiences of ease, posture and movement efficiency. Clients are clothed (please wear long pants not a skirt) and most lessons will occur lying or sitting on a low table. An individual F.I. can assist in the healing process of orthopaedic injuries e.g. back or neck conditions (especially chronic or recurrent problems), develop body awareness and improve everyday activities like sitting, walking, lifting. It can also be used to improve your yoga practice and/or be an experience of nurturing yourself with a session of meditative bodywork.

Cost: Individual lessons with Sara are $80 for 1 hour except first lesson which is 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Bookings: Please phone 0415 363 313 or email to make an appointment. All lessons are given at the Yoga Moves studio.