In addition to the yoga and Feldenkrais classes which run at the studio, we also offer instruction in meditation. Currently we have Richard Yin, Michael Bobrowicz and Sara Elderfield teaching in addition to guest teachers every few months. All details below.

Wednesday Night Meditation Practice

Wednesday night is an ongoing meditation practice night and is for those who have attended the 4 week series of classes taught by Richard Yin (or for those who have had teaching from Chimé Shore, Tarchin Hearn, Mana Waite in the past on mindfulness meditation). The sit is from 7.30pm – 8.30 pm and takes the format usually of a ‘sit’, then Richard responds to any questions and/or gives a talk on a point of practice, then another sit. You may attend casually, no booking required.

Those who continue on after the course continue to receive ongoing study notes. Should you wish to be included in this database please contact Sara: or phone 0415 363 313.

Cost for the Wednesday nights is by dana/donation. The dana from the regular Wednesday sittings is allocated to various projects.

  1. The first two donations went a project that is being run by a not-for-profit organisation known as Men of Trees. They have been instrumental in setting up Carbon Neutral, City Farm and several other important tree planting projects in WA. This particular project is called “Putting it back, together”. Currently 93% of the wheat belt, some 19 million hectares, has been cleared for European style agriculture. Men of Trees has a project along with farmers to implement planting to fit in with farmers’ needs. The revegetation project will target some 10% of the cleared land with the aim of halting wind and water erosion, utilising excess groundwater to halt rising salinity and provide fauna corridors to allow native animals to move across the landscape. They are seeking lots of $1000 donations. The initial target area is the Morbinning Catchment Group, consisting of some 20 farming families, where preliminary work has already laid out the groundwork for future planting. This project supports our farmers who in turn support us, supports native fauna, restores the viability of the soil through preserving the topsoil and preventing salinity, protects the natural water systems and the life that they in turn support. It brings together the farming community, those interested in conservation and with your input, people from the city. As a project, it expresses the essence of dana, the cycle of giving and receiving that acknowledges our interdependence on each other and the natural environment.
  2. The next two lots of $1000 went to CINI which is an organisation that began 37 years ago when a doctor and a nun in India decided that they could make a difference to the lives of the poor and uneducated. Thirty-seven years later there are now 500 people working for Child in Need India (CINI), some of whom were recipients of its help when they were young. Foundational to CINI is the education of mothers, the primary caregivers in the family. Educating mothers through pregnancy and after the birth ensures adequate nutrition for the babies in a country where a large percentage of those under five remain malnourished. Proper brain development during this critical phase maximises the chance that a child can learn. Without an education, these children default to a life on the streets and a repeat of the poverty cycle that has been a part of their family’s history. CINI then is about the power of education, community and vision. The following is a link to the CINI website