Mind Mates for Children

Mind Mates: Resilience Workshops for Children – TBA

The next round of Mind Mates workshops for kids are open for enrolments. 

Mind Mates is a playful and relaxed program for 8-11 year olds, which aims to help children develop skills that increase emotional resilience and capacity to handle life’s ups and downs. These skills include self-acceptance, creative problem-solving, healthy relationship skills, and healthy self-talk. We use art, play, movement and creativity along the way to make the learning fun.
Mind Mates is great for kids who struggle with shyness, confidence, worries, decision-making, getting upset easily or handling uncertainty and change. The program is suitable for most kids who attend mainstream school. If you’re not sure whether it’s the right program for your child, or if your child has special needs, call us and we can help you decide. The Mind Mates group program is run by an energetic team of experienced mental health professionals who have specialist expertise in working with children.
Dates: Sundays 2-4 pm, commencing Sunday 8th January and finishing Sunday 29th January 2017  (children must attend all four sessions)
Cost: One child - $150 (four sessions). Medicare rebate may be applicable which reduces out of pocket expense significantly. 
Venue: Yoga Moves, 45 Evans St, Shenton Park
Bookings/Enquiries: Emily Harper - Ph: 0417 091 812; email: mindmates@outlook.com Please email us if you would like to enrol. 

Website:  www.mindmatesaustralia.org and Facebook:  www.facebook.com/mindmatesaustralia

Emily Harper: Emily is a Perth-born and trained Clinical Psychologist, who specialises in working with children and their parents. She has a passion for creative, playful and experiential approaches to mental health, and the ways children develop resilience. She has worked with individuals, families and groups for over ten years across both hospitals and community settings, in Perth as well as America. She maintains a keen interest in anthropology and cross-cultural psychology, and enjoys exploring different places all around the world, paying particular attention to the similarities and differences between cultures in their approach to mental health and wellbeing. Outside of work (and sometimes even at work!), she is rarely found without a bird or animal or two by her side. 

Tamara Bushell: Since graduating as an Occupational Therapist from Curtin University, Tamara has worked across the areas of paediatrics, mental health and disability, in both the private and public sector - all of which fuelled her passion to work with children. She is particularly passionate about adopting a strengths based approach and working in a family-centred manner to help children reach their fullest potential. She enjoys working with children in a group environment and loves learning from children and watching them develop. Having grown up in the Wheatbelt, Tamara has a strong interest in the mental health needs of children from rural areas.  She is particularly passionate about sensory regulation and sensory processing, and helping children and teenagers develop resiliency and coping skills.  Tamara's therapy dog, "Rufus", sometimes joins her at work to help out. 

Emily and Tamara are assisted by volunteers who help keep the sessions running smoothly - all of whom have previous experience in Mindfulness and/or teaching.