Mindfulness Mini-Retreats in the City

The next Mini-Mindfulness weekend will be Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th Novemeber. Details TBA

These retreats are designed for those who have attended the 'Introduction to Meditation' classes with Richard Yin or had prior Mindfulness meditation instruction from Richard, Chime Shore, Tarchin Hearn, Michael Bobrowicz, Mana Waite, Bill Genat and Kathryn Shain or Sara Elderfield. If you have studied Mindfulness Meditation elsewhere (e.g MBSR) please contact Sara and we can chat about making an exception.

Mindfulness Mini-Retreat in the City

Life is both short and precious and there are many moments in a day that go by unnoticed and unappreciated. Mindfulness meditation trains our innate capacity to be more fully present and fosters a continuum of awareness such that the ‘texture’ of meditation begins to permeate all aspects of our day. In this way, we can be present for more and more of the experience of our own life and the lives of others. Throughout the mini retreat we will practise maintaining a continuum of awareness from moving to stillness back to movement. The day will include gentle yoga (suitable for beginners and those with injury), sitting, standing, walking, and an opportunity to share a meal mindfully with others.

Richard Yin is a G.P. with a special interest in the holistic management of those with chronic pain. He has post-graduate training in the Feldenkrais Method, acupuncture, manipulative therapy and musculoskeletal medicine. He is also a long-term meditator aware of the interrelationship between body and mind.

Michael Bobrowicz has been meditating for 25 years mostly within the Buddhist tradition. He studied for over 20 years with the Venerable Namgyal Rinpoche. Michael worked both in private enterprise, owning companies and in the public sector managing waste and recycling for the city of Brisbane and has a good understanding of how to integrate meditation with a busy career. He loves meditation.

Sara Elderfield is a yoga teacher and Feldenkrais Practitioner. She began studying with her meditation teacher, Venerable Namgyal Rinpoche in 1993 and teaching yoga in 1996. She now teaches classes and sees private clients for Feldenkrais lessons at the Yoga Moves studio in Shenton Park. Since 2000, she has been leading annual overseas retreats (Bali, Nepal, Vietnam) sharing yoga, meditation, Feldenkrais and experiential and contemplative exercises which illuminate the inner journey of each participant.

Date: The next Mindfulness mini retreat day will be held at Origins Centre on Sunday 27th october after the end of the CINI walk. Please contact Sara if you would like to come down for it. If you would like to be informed of future 2014 Perth dates when they become available or to attend please email Sara: sara@yogamoves.net.au 

Time: 8am – 12.30pm followed by a pot luck lunch and sharing of the day’s experience. Please bring a plate to share.

Venue: Yoga Moves Studio, 45 Evans Street, Shenton Park (opposite the lake).

What to bring: Your favourite meditation cushion if you have one. Cushions, bolsters and/or chairs are also available at the studio for use.

Bookings: Bookings are required – please register your interest in attending by contacting Sally at ssssally48@hotmail.com

Cost: By dana. Dana is often taken to simply mean donation or gift. Dana is a Buddhist teaching about generosity of spirit or the sharing of blessings, the aspiration to generate health and goodwill in all the cycles of giving and receiving; the transactions of daily life. In reflecting on the practice of dana one begins to understand the interdependence of life. Dana is a gift that supports the livelihood of the teacher and his family. In turn the teachings offered are to support you in meeting with life with wisdom and compassion. Each participant arrives at the amount of dana voluntarily. Teachers of the Dharma are supported by considerate donation. Following Buddhist tradition, we charge no fee for teaching. It is customary to offer dana at the beginning of the class (there is usually a bowl at near the entrance). Giving prior to the teaching supports the experience of openness and generosity.