Easy Walking Feldenkrais Workshops with Sara Elderfield

Body of Freedom Workshop Series 2018

An Introduction to Effortless Standing and Walking

Two Feldenkrais Method and Walking workshops with Sara Elderfield

Strong, structural alignment gives you the opportunity to stand and walk effortlessly with a sense of potency and maybe even joyfully! When your whole structure is aligned well (‘good posture’), your weight is carried by the sound structure of your bones, ligaments, and tendons rather than your muscles. We need some muscles, of course, to hold us up but muscle tension, stiffness and feelings of heaviness arise when some muscles do the work that our skeleton should be doing. It’s tiring. This introductory workshop can benefit anyone interested in learning about walking and standing with ease. Enrol if you want to:

  • Learn and experience how your skeleton is designed to assist you to feel supported, balanced, and still able to move in any direction freely,
  • Experience how better alignment makes for less effortful standing, sitting and is the beginning of walking with power and freedom,
  • Understand the basic components of walking and take away a small routine to practice for on-going change, improved flexibility and balance.
  • Rediscover the pleasure in walking. 

Sara Elderfield: Sara has been walking for the love of it (and exercise) since she had long-enough legs to join in with the family habit. She has also been teaching movement as a form of meditation practice for 20 years. She is a yoga teacher, a Feldenkrais Method practitioner, long-term meditator and her teaching melds all three modalities as part of her ongoing interest in how our inner intentions are communicated through our posture and our way of moving through the world. (The gross and subtle shapes we make with ourselves colour our experience of ourselves and ‘others’). By becoming more aware of how we are with ourselves in our yoga, Feldenkrais or meditation practices, we learn to have more choices physically, emotionally and in our thinking during our practice on the mat and, more importantly, in our day to day lives. 

Sara grew up in Indonesia, Burma, country W.A. and Perth. She studied literature at U.W.A. for three years before meeting her teacher, Venerable Namgyal Rinpoche in 1993. She studied with him until his death in 2003 and has continued to study with other teachers since then including the founder of the modern Labyrinth movement, Lauren Artress with whom she did a retreat and Labyrinth Facilitator training in 2016. She is a Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner. Since 2009, Sara’s classes have been based out of the Centre for Movement Studies Studio at Shenton Park and, in addition to the classes which run at the studio throughout the year, Sara has taught in numerous workplaces and schools throughout Perth and the south-west. She takes retreat groups to overseas for movement, meditation and walking (pilgrimage) retreats annually. Previously we have ‘retreated’ in Bali, Nepal, Tibet, Vietnam and most recently various parts of France.

Dates: Each workshop is separate and complate in itself but they will focus on different aspects of walking technique. Parts 2 and 3 build on part 1.

Part 1: Sunday 14th January (next date will be in May - email sara@yogamoves.net.au to go on the update list)

Part 2: Saturday 20th January (those who attended Part 1 in November 2017 may book into this workshop directly). (Next date will be in May)

Part 3: TBA (next date will be in May, those who have previously attended parts 1 and 2 may book into part 3 directly).

Time: 1pm – 5.30pm with breaks. Tea and coffee provided.

Venue: Yoga Moves/Centre for Movement Studio, 45 Evans Street, Shenton Park (opposite Lake Jualbup, next to the Masonic Hall, 78 Herbert Road).

Pre-requisites: There may be some questions related to the topic to consider and perhaps a short reading or a YouTube video to watch pre-course, but I will let you know closer to the time.

Venue: Yoga Moves/Centre for Movement Studies Studio, 45 Evans Street, Shenton Park (opposite the lake).

What to bring: You will need to wear clothing that you can move and breath in (no tight waistbands, jeans or belts etc). Mats, cushions, bolsters and/or chairs are available at the studio for use but please bring your own if you prefer your own equipment.

Cost:  $88 per workshop or $77 per workshop early birds (paid by Tues 2nd January). Includes GST.

Bookings and questions: Please email Sara by return email. Numbers will be limited to 16. We will be using movement as our main ‘technique’ which means that the lessons may not be suitable for some people with chronic pain issues and indeed, I will need to discuss medical conditions and injuries with anyone unknown to me or not currently attending my classes.  Please register your interest in attending by contacting Sara: sara@yogamoves.net.au or 0415 363 313.