Spring term Feldenkrais Classes with Jenny D'Cruz

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Awareness Through Movement® Classes Term 4 with Jenny D’Cruz

Further exploring your dynamic potential in balance…

Recent research supports the need to be proactive with falls prevention from the age of 40 when strength and balance begin to decline. It is no longer thought that falls are exclusively an issue for the older population. Even in physically active individuals it is necessary to do different types of activity, including exercises that challenge our balance. Predicting falls risk is complex involving various factors. For this reason, in term 4, I am keen to continue exploring Awareness Through Movement lessons that improve our ability to adjust more easily and efficiently when our balance is challenged.

Learning to sense what is actually happening as you move and being able to integrate those sensations will enable you to form a more complete self-image. Even though we may have some understanding of how our pelvis or hips should move, it is not until you actually have a clear sensation of the movement that you will integrate the movement in to your system for more efficient distribution of work.

This term leads us towards Summer, and the Festive season. Finding our smooth moves, groovy moves, and our way to navigate these days with calm, ease and happiness could be another intention for us to set.

Class dates and times:

Mondays 10am - 11am (October 8th to December 10th)                   


Thursdays 6.00pm- 7.00pm (October 11th to December 13th)

Bookings: Bookings are appreciated and questions welcome. Please register your interest in attending by contacting Jenny: jen.infinitemovement@gmail.com or by phone 0439 881 300. 

Cost: $210 for the term; or $25 casual attendance. Cash, Card and Direct Debit payment accepted. Health f rebate available.

What to wear: Loose comfortable clothes you can move in (skirts are not suitable). Socks if your feet are prone to being cold as classes are done with bare feet. Layers of clothing are a good idea as the winter weather approaches.

Bank Details and email:

Jenny D’Cruz: jen.infinitemovement@gmail.com

Account Name: Infinite Movement, BSB: 062 692, A/c No.3283 621

The Feldenkrais Method

It is often assumed that to improve movement we need to get fitter or stronger, run more and work out at the Gym with weights. There are of course great benefits to doing this BUT the question is, how hard do we have to push to improve? The answer lies in awareness through movement classes as we find that there is more to improving movement than increasing effort or intensity. During the class we explore factors such as movement direction, orientation, timing, and speed. There is also the relationship between what we feel, think, internal and external sensing and movement to explore. Each term we will continue to enjoy movement for movement’s sake and follow that oft heard phrase, “it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey”.  Finding many options in movement, or even just “making the impossible, possible” may be very satisfying for us. Why should we settle with one way of doing something or only one destination?                            

Jenny D’Cruz is a Feldenkrais Practitioner and Physiotherapist. She discovered through her own experience with Feldenkrais lessons that movement quality and posture can become easy and graceful. She has been teaching Awareness Through Movement® classes since December 2015. With over 25 years’ experience as a Physiotherapist working within both the private and public health systems Jenny has extensive experience in the fields of arthritis, osteoporosis, balance training and falls prevention, joint replacement prehab and rehabilitation, pulmonary and cardiac rehabilitation. She has taught Ante-Natal and Post-Natal education and exercise programs and also worked on Maternity wards looking after mothers with musculoskeletal issues and post-natal care.

Jenny believes that empowering her clients with knowledge and self-awareness results in improved self-management and less dependence on others for treatment.

Jenny also offers classes on other days at the Mind Body Heart Studio in Wembley and also offers Functional Integration lessons.

She can be contacted via jen.infinitemovement@gmail.com or by phone 0439 881 300.