Feldenkrais Professional Training Programme 2014 - 2017

The Perth 3 training has now concluded but I am taking names for a new training. Please note that a training is a 3.5 year course. After the first 6 weeks of a training commencing (first 2-3 segments), late entry is not possible. Other trainings are currently running in Australia and overseas. Google 'Feldenkrais Training' in whatever state or country you are interested in and if there is one nearby, the contact people will pop up. If you are wanting to know what to do in the meantime - attend one to one Functional Integration lessons (F.I), weekly group Awareness Through Movement lessons (ATM) or a public workshop...

‘Make the impossible possible, the possible easy, and the easy elegant.’
— Moshe Feldenkrais (1904-1984) Russian-born physicist, judo expert, mechanical engineer, founder of the Feldenkrais Method.

Learning is a fundamental ingredient in the Feldenkrais Method®. There is nothing quite like the feeling of understanding something that was unclear to us or something that was entirely out of our awareness. Those Ah Ha! moments that we have all had at some point in our lives have power because once we know something with our whole selves we can choose to act, feel and/or think differently. Feelings of confidence, joy and freedom often follow because this sort of power is built on stability and flexibility and cannot easily be lost or forgotten. The Feldenkrais Method® provides the means to know what to learn and how to learn it.

Continuing in the tradition started by Moshe Feldenkrais, the Perth 3 Feldenkrais Professional Training will prepare you to be a competent, effective Feldenkrais practitioner.  Participants will be offered extensive practical experience and in-depth understanding of the principles which underpin the Feldenkrais Method®: Awareness Through Movement® and Functional Integration®. Perth 3 FPTP will be a stimulating, experiential programme taught by a team with expertise in education, the arts, physiotherapy, cybernetics and neurology. Throughout, there will be an emphasis on the sensory-based learning on which the Method is founded and this will be supported by discussions, reading and projects. You will understand your personal learning techniques and how to develop your own and your clients’ capacity for learning. Our programme also contains an exciting on-line component to provide continuous learning opportunities and support.

Location and times

Held in the heritage listed, West Subiaco Masonic Hall opposite Lake Jualbup in Shenton Park, we will meet 40 days each year, a total in excess of 800 hours over 3 and a half years. This time will be divided into 18 segments consisting of 3 week (15 day) segments, 2 week (10 day) segments, and 1 week (5 day) segments. There will also be several 5 day segments spread over Sundays of consecutive weekends. We will meet Monday – Fridays, 9.30am – 4.30pm.

Educational Director: Julie Peck

Julie has a background in Physiotherapy and has maintained a busy private practice in Perth since graduating from the Sydney 1 FPTP in 1990. She became an Assistant Trainer in 1995 and Australia's first Trainer in 2003. She will be present during all segments.

Other Trainers will include Arlyn Zones, Elizabeth Beringer, Lawrence Wm. Goldfarb, Stephanie Spink, Susan Hillier, Zoran Kovich*.  Additional Training staff will include Bronwyn Fewster and Sara Elderfield. All are highly experienced teachers.

* Subject to accreditation

What is the Feldenkrais Method?

Free class with Feldenkrais Trainer and physiotherapist, Julie Peck  
These sessions run periodically through the year and are open to anyone who would like to find out more about the Feldenkrais Method generally and experience an Awareness Through Movement (ATM) lesson. Each evening introduces and elaborates a different principle of the Feldenkrais Method and includes an opportunity to explore that topic through a short movement lesson (ATM) and ask questions. 

Date: Thursday 11th September 2014

Venue: Yoga Moves Studio, 45 Evans Street, Shenton Park

Time: 7.30pm – 9.30pm

Bookings: These sessions are very popular and bookings are required. To book a place please email Sara Elderfield sara@yogamoves.net.au or phone 0415 363 313.

There is no cost.

What to wear and bring: Please wear loose, comfortable clothing you can easily move and breathe in. The Yoga Moves studio is fully equipped with mats to lie on however please bring two towels with you. You may like to bring a notebook and pen with you.