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Feldenkrais series 2: Re-Organise from Top to Bottom, Head to Toe, 12.45 – 2pm, Sara

Series of 3 classes on Saturdays, 26 Jan, 2 and 9 Feb. 12.45pm - 2pm. In January and the beginning of February, Sara will teach two 3-week series of classes based on and designed to introduce the Feldenkrais-Inspired routine called Wake Up! (Learning the elements of the Wake Up! routine will be one of the ongoing themes in Sara’s classes in 2019). Come along and free your neck and shoulders, soften your chest, lengthen your back, loosen your hips and integrate your legs, ankles and feet into your middle (torso)! When you move better, you feel better and all the activities of daily life become easier. These classes are suitable for new beginners and continuing students. Each series will be different.