January Feldenkrais Classes with Sara

Re-organise from Top to Bottom, Head to Toe

© International  Feldenkrais ® Federation Archive, Robert Golden

© International Feldenkrais® Federation Archive, Robert Golden

© International  Feldenkrais ® Federation Archive, Robert Golden

© International Feldenkrais® Federation Archive, Robert Golden

A perfect way to begin 2019! Download flyer here.

In January, Sara will teach two 3-week series of classes based on and designed to introduce the Feldenkrais-Inspired routine called Wake Up! (Learning the elements of the Wake Up! routine will be one of the ongoing themes in Sara’s classes in 2019). Come along and free your neck and shoulders, soften your chest, lengthen your back, loosen your hips and integrate your legs, ankles and feet into your middle (torso)! When you move better, you feel better and all the activities of daily life become easier. These classes are suitable for new beginners and continuing students.

Over the course of the two series, we will use 6 gentle and ingenious Awareness Through Movement lessons to discover how to re-organize the way we use ourselves from the feet upward and from the head downward. The lessons will involve learning how every part of us contributes to possibilities for improvement. Participants will learn how improving the transmission of forces through the skeleton leads to a better sense of support, directionality and ease in movement. Increased flexibility, comfort and better balance and ‘posture’ are the natural by-products of good alignment and will be experienced.

Dates and Time:  3 Saturdays, 12.45pm – 2pm (plus one free class when you pay for a series of 3).

Series 1: 5, 12, 19 Jan with (free extra class on 26th Jan, 12.45pm – 2pm OR 5th Feb, 7.30pm- 8.45pm)

Series 2: 26 Jan, 2, 9 Feb with (free extra class on 5th Jan, 12.45pm – 2pm OR 5th Feb, 7.30pm- 8.45pm)

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Copyright: Yoga Moves and Centre for Movement Studies

Copyright: Yoga Moves and Centre for Movement Studies

© International  Feldenkrais ® Federation Archive, Robert Golden

© International Feldenkrais® Federation Archive, Robert Golden

Venue: Yoga Moves/Centre for Movement Studio, 45 Evans Street, Shenton Park (opposite Lake Jualbup, next to the Masonic Hall, 78 Herbert Road).

Pre-requisites: None

What to bring: You will need to wear clothing that you can move and breath in (no tight waistbands, jeans or belts etc). Mats, cushions, bolsters and/or chairs are available at the studio for use but please bring your own if you prefer your own equipment.

Cost: 3-week Saturday Feldenkrais courses $63/$57 concession with one free class pass.

* The 2 x 3-week series of Yoga for Beginner Beginners and Feldenkrais classes with Sara on Saturdays are two different series of classes so people may attend one or both series of 3 weeks. They are open to both beginners and continuing students.

** Those unable to attend Sat 26th January may attend Tuesday 5th January (or another class in consultation with Sara).

Bookings and questions:  Please register your interest in attending by contacting Sara: sara@yogamoves.net.au or 0415 363 313. To pay, see bank details below.

Sara Elderfield:  Sara has also been teaching movement as a form of meditation practice for 20 years. She is a yoga teacher, a certified Feldenkrais Method practitioner, long-term meditator and her teaching melds all three modalities as part of her ongoing interest in how our inner intentions are communicated through our posture and our way of moving through the world. (The gross and subtle shapes we make with ourselves colour our experience of ourselves and ‘others’). By becoming more aware of how we are with ourselves in our yoga, Feldenkrais or meditation practices, we learn to have more choices physically, emotionally and in our thinking during our practice on the mat and, more importantly, in our day to day lives. 

Sara grew up in Indonesia, Burma, country W.A. and Perth. She studied literature at U.W.A. for three years before meeting her teacher, Venerable Namgyal Rinpoche in 1993. She studied with him until his death in 2003 and has continued to study with other teachers since then including the founder of the modern Labyrinth movement, Lauren Artress with whom she did a retreat and Labyrinth Facilitator training in 2016. Since 2009, Sara’s classes have been based out of the Centre for Movement Studies Studio at Shenton Park and, in addition to the classes which run at the studio throughout the year, Sara has taught in numerous workplaces and schools throughout Perth and the south-west. She takes retreat groups to overseas for movement, meditation and walking (pilgrimage) retreats annually. Previously we have ‘retreated’ in Bali, Nepal, Tibet, Vietnam and most recently various parts of France.

Terms & Conditions

Payment is due before or at your first class.

Class charges are non-refundable. Should you miss your regular classes, you may make it up at another class with the same teacher. All class cards and free passes are to be used by Saturday 2nd February (9th Feb with Sara) 2019. The free class pass may also be used at any teacher’s class on the holiday timetable.

Please note that concession prices do not apply to all Health Card Holders or all Seniors – it applies specifically to full time students and those receiving aged, disability or unemployment benefits.

Cash, cheque and direct transfer payments accepted. No credit cards. Please make any cheques payable to the teacher whose classes you attend and present the cheque at your first class. For direct transfer please use your name as the reference and send an email to the relevant teacher for a confirmation of receipt, if required.

Email and bank details are as follows:

Sara Elderfield: sara@yogamoves.net.au

Acc. name: Yoga Moves               BSB: 066 125     A/C No: 1013 5666     REF: Your name