Spring term Feldenkrais Classes with Sue Ward

 The Power of the Pelvis

The Power of the Pelvis


Awareness Through Movement® Classes Term 4 with Sue Ward

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The Power of the Pelvis

  • What do you know about your pelvis? 

  • Find the Goldilocks way of moving for yourself. We all have the capability.

  • Your pelvis is your Powerhouse.

  • Would you like to regain some power and take the load off your lower back? 

Join me for ten weeks as we gently explore how the pelvis works for us every day helping our balance, stability and general movements.

You will discover how freeing your hip joints and connecting them to the rest of your body through your pelvis helps you to move more lightly and easily.

Be amazed as you gain a greater understanding of how your pelvis functions as your “Power House”.

Every week we will do a different lesson that will ultimately lead to this new-found freedom. You may be surprised to discover the parts of yourself that are connected to your pelvis!

Interested? We will explore lying on the floor, sitting in a chair and sometimes standing. All the lessons are designed to make everyday movements easier.

Why not come and regain your pelvic power while taking the load off your lower back. Enjoy the sense of calm that comes with these classes with Sue.

Sue was born in Scotland and raised predominantly in Perth. Having worked as a Clinic Nurse specialising in the care of Oncology and Haematology patients for over 20 years she believes prevention is better than cure. The balance between mind and body has always been a focus.

Find your potential by integrating your body and mind through gentle movement.

Sue's classes teach body awareness which is the foundation for easier movement and greater comfort.

 Specialist Pregnancy classes available for groups of 4 or more on request.

Dates: Starts Wednesday10th October ends Wednesday 12th December

Time: 11.30am – 12.30pm

Venue: Centre for Movement Studies Studio/Yoga Moves, 45 Evans Street, Shenton Park (opposite the lake )

What to wear: Loose comfortable clothes you can move in (skirts are not suitable). Socks if your feet are prone to being cold as you will be removing your shoes.

Bookings: Bookings are required – please register your interest in attending by contacting Sue: sue.ward@iinet.net.au or phone 0407 717 056 .