Yoga for Beginner Beginners 4 week course

Yoga for Beginner Beginners: 4 Saturday mornings in Sept/Oct 2018 and November 2018 (see details below).

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If your body were separate from you and your good friend, how would you treat ‘it’? And would that be different from how you treat ‘it’ now?

In the West, over the last 20 years, taking good care of your brain/body has been proven to support physical and psychological wellness. But for those who do yoga and meditation this has been known and recorded for thousands of years. The benefits of yoga are well-known and include physical benefits such as increased flexibility and strength, better balance and co-ordination, higher energy levels, improved immune response, better digestion and deeper and longer sleep. Psychological benefits include increased feelings of confidence and well-being, a more stable sense of calm, better emotional resilience to the stresses of life, less anxiety and an increased capacity to explore new things and ideas in daily life.

Beginning at the beginning is a good place to start if you want to learn something new, have injuries or other conditions, or to make sure that you have some good foundations to build on in the future. Your body is your home and you are your own best friend. These can either sound like a revelation or a cliché – but they are also actual experiences that have a ‘felt sense’ and can change the way you experience yourself in class and in life.

In these classes you will:

  • Learn a basic repertoire of movements and postures in a safe learning environment that will allow you to continue into an ongoing Beginner, Open or General class or - if you work your memory as well – to practice safely at home.
  • Practice yoga in a way that fosters an ongoing sense of physical and mental ease and confidence.
  • Understand how the different movements and postures are like ‘tools’ or ‘antidotes’ that are yours to apply as needed when you know what you are doing.
  • Have a clear experience of the benefits of taking good care of your mind/body and how they are absolutely not separate from each other in class or in daily life.
  • Be reminded that part of being a multi-dimensional human being is having millions of feelings and ideas about, and reactions to, all sorts of topics which can include achievement, anxiety, shyness, frustration, tiredness, ageing or pain and injury. If they are present or arise during your yoga practice, good practice includes these and responds to them appropriately as part of the experience rather than rejecting them or ‘pushing through’.

Sara Elderfield has been teaching yoga as a form of movement meditation practice for 20 years. She is also a Feldenkrais Method practitioner and meditator. She has been leading yoga, Feldenkrais, meditation and walking retreats since 2000 to Bali, Nepal, Tibet, Vietnam and France. 

Course dates and times

4 Saturdays 11am -12.30pm:

15, 22, 29 Sept and 6 Oct


3, 10, 17, 24 Nov


As above however please arrive at least 5 -10 minutes early to collect the equipment you will need and set up your place.  


Centre for Movement Studies and Yoga Moves Studio, 45 Evans Street, Shenton Park. The studio is a separate hall attached to the West Subiaco Masonic Hall (‘Google’ 78 Herbert Road for directions) and our entrance is on Evans Street opposite Lake Jualbup.

What to bring

You will need to wear clothing that you can move and breathe in (no tight waistbands, jeans or belts etc). All equipment is supplied but please bring your own if you prefer to use your own equipment.


4 class card, $100/$88 concession*.  Payment before the first class is required. The terms and conditions of class cards are on the registration form and on the website and should be read before purchase as there are no credits for missed classes. Missed classes may be made up in Sara’s other classes before Thursday 29th November 2018. Casual classes $25/$22 concession* are possible for students who have some previous experience of yoga with Sara but only in consultation with her before attending class.

Bookings and enquiries

To check availability, ask questions and/or  book please email Sara: or phone/text 0415 363 313. Class numbers are limited and pre-booking your place is required. If we will be working together for the first time, or I haven’t seen you in a while, I will ask you to fill in a confidential participant form prior to coming to class which I will email you.


Your place is only guaranteed upon receipt of payment. Please make any cheques payable to ‘Centre for Movement Studies’ and post to Sara Elderfield, PO Box 7191, Shenton Park 6008 or send a direct debit.

Bank: Commonwealth Bank

Account name: Yoga Moves

BSB: 066 125 

Account number: 1013 5666 

Direct debit: Please include your name on your payment as a reference.