You don't have to bend over backwards to do yoga!

Class Styles

Below are some general guidelines, they are not necessarily rules. You are always free to discuss with Sara (or your teacher) which class you would like to join. You are also free to try different classes and feel for yourself which level or style suits you the best. We may even suggest classes to you.

New students

  • Everyone’s body and personality are different and there are always exceptions but generally; if you are new to yoga, nervous about attending yoga or have had unsatisfactory yoga experiences in the past then you would start classes as close to the beginning of a term as is possible.

  • You would also attend at least three to five weeks in a row. Yoga is a cumulative experience.

  • Having said that, new students are welcome at any time up until the last two weeks of a term. This is not only for your own sense of comfort but also for those students who have been building their skills and awareness over the term. The last two weeks are often an opportunity to explore variations on what has been practiced in the previous weeks.

To read more about the teaching style and training of each teacher, please check the 'Studio Instructors' tab. A general description is below.

Classes with Sara – Hatha yoga and the Feldenkrais Method


Suitable for everyone including beginners (little or no yoga and/or meditation experience). In these classes participants are taught basic poses which are linked through a series of connecting movements leading to greater agility, less pain and/or tension and deep relaxation.

Characteristically, these classes feature ‘linked’ yoga poses, done as a series with one pose following another. Classes combine stretching, breathing, strengthening, balancing, Feldenkrais Method, meditation and mind-body awareness resulting in heightened well being, improved posture, strength and flexibility. Sara is also particularly interested in the link between movements and yoga poses and activities from daily life being clear.

Hatha yoga classes with JudE, Claire and Peter

The primary characteristics of these classes include a focus on postural alignment and precision; holding poses for an extended period of time; and healing/therapeutic applications. Props are also used more readily in class (e.g. belts, blocks and bolsters) to encourage good alignment, as well as providing extra support for those who are injured. All students are welcome to the Level 1/2 and Open classes including beginners however those with little or no yoga experience will find attending the Level 1 classes lay the foundations for the Level 1/2, Open and Level 2 classes.