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Individual Feldenkrais and Yoga Lessons with Sara on Wednesday and Friday afternoons:

Please contact Sara directly by phoning/texting 0415 363 313 or email sara@yogamoves.net.au

Upcoming classes and courses...

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wake up! Learn a Feldenkrais routine. October workshop

Have you ever wanted to explore a sequence of Feldenkrais Method® Awareness Through Movement (ATM) lessons to help you ‘wake up’?

Feldenkrais Method® and theatre practitioner, Anna Yen, assisted by Julie Peck, Feldenkrais Trainer, will lead you through a sequence of dynamic Awareness Through Movement lessons which incorporate:

  • multiple ways to move from standing to sitting to lying on the floor, and back up to standing.

  • moving across the floor

  • flexion (folding movements), extension (arching movements), side bending and rotation (twisting and spiraling movements)

  • practising focus which is both inside and outside i.e. both awareness of how you are moving, and of the environment in which you are moving.


November: 4 week course Yoga For Beginner Beginners

Beginning at the beginning is a good place to start if you want to learn something new, have injuries or other conditions, or to make sure that you have some good foundations to build on in the future. Your body is your home and you are your own best friend. These can either sound like a revelation or a cliché – but they are also actual experiences that have a ‘felt sense’ and can change the way you experience yourself in class and in life. In these classes you will:

·      Learn a basic repertoire of movements and postures in a safe learning environment that will allow you to continue into an ongoing Beginner, Open or General class or - if you work your memory as well – to practice safely at home.

·      Practice yoga in a way that fosters an ongoing sense of physical and mental ease and confidence.

·      Understand how the different movements and postures are like ‘tools’ or ‘antidotes’ that are yours to apply as needed when you know what you are doing.


Meditation walk in October - a chance to spend time in nature is a blessing…

In the city it is easy to forget our relationship to the natural world. Or more precisely, it is easy to forget we are part of the natural world. Being in the bush helps remind us that we are woven into the ecology of life and not separate from it.

Join us on a Meditative Walk with Richard Yin in the Darling Ranges on the weekend of 27/28 October.