Class Tips


Temperature: The studio has fans and reverse cycle air-conditioning for the warmer months and heating for the cooler months. Teachers regulate the temperature for the majority and therefore is not possible to get the temperature right for everyone. Thus the room temperature is oriented towards those who feel the heat (for everyone else there is the option of dressing in layers). There are also particular places in the room which are cooler or warmer than others… if you are not sure please ask your teacher.

Parking Guidelines: Please be mindful of where you park when attending classes at the Yoga Moves Studio. Evans Street is a narrow street which residents share with visitors to the lake. In order to avoid congestion in Evans Street and upsetting our neighbours, please consider not parking on the studio side of Evans Street in front of nearby houses or in front of the little driveway in front of the studio garden.

Parking - we like to be good neighbours. Please park your cars:

  • in the parking bays on Herbert Road (between Onslow Road and Evans Street)
  • in the other half of Evans Street (closer to the railway station) or in nearby Morgan, Waylen and Centre Streets.
  • there are also many parking bays on the opposite side of the lake in Lake Avenue but the walk is a little longer (about 5 minutes to the studio door).

Coming to classes

If you have an existing medical condition, please check with your doctor before beginning classes.

Please do not wear perfume, aftershave, deodorants or hairsprays to any class. The strong smells of these products causes discomfort to some members of the class.

Personal hygiene is important: We share equipment, please arrive at class clean including clean feet.

Try not to eat anything for at least two hours before class. Eat lightly (i.e. fruit) if you are hungry. A full, heavy stomach and busy intestines will distract you from your practice.

Wear loose, comfortable clothes you can breathe and stretch in. Dress in layers if you feel the cold or heat so that you can regulate yourself easily. Remove your watch before class.

Arrive a few minutes before class begins as this allows you time to speak with your teacher, do any administration if necessary and settle in. Late arrival is disruptive to others and it means you do not benefit fully from the class.

Coming to class when you least feel like it is very often an opportunity for transformation to occur. Mindfulness, movement and the support of like-minded others changes things…

Upon Arrival

For those who arrive as another class is ending please support the practice of others by maintaining “Noble Silence” once you have entered the garden gate. Even whispering can carry though the walls/doors to those resting/meditating at the end of a class.

Yoga, Feldenkrais classes and meditation are traditionally done with bare feet: Please remove your shoes before entering the studio. They should be left in the shoe rack in the foyer near the red doors.

Please turn your mobile phone to ‘airplane mode’ so that it neither rings nor vibrates during class.If you need to leave it on for a special reason please discuss this with your teacher before the class begins.

Optimising space: Inside the studio under the large, red Feldenkrais table there is a storage tray. Please place any bags and belongings in there rather than behind your mat. Also, although class numbers are limited, there are ways of using the studio to ensure maximum space for everyone.

Safety first: It is important to tell your teacher if you have any past or current health conditions or injuries. Some of the movements taught in class need to be modified for specific injuries and medical conditions i.e. neck or back pain, sciatica, asthma, high blood pressure etc.

Before class begins: If you arrive early, use the time before class to do your own practice or rest and pay attention to your breathing and to how you are feeling. Classes are an opportunity to give to yourself, to take time out from the hurly-burly. Make a conscious decision to put aside the schedule of on-going daily events during class and be present. You’ll have more energy and better focus when you leave, ready to go about the activity of daily life.

Leaving early:If you do have to leave early, please let your teacher know before class begins and position your mat near the door so as to avoid disturbing others as you leave. 

During Class

Rest when you need to: If, on the day you come to class you are tired or injured, choose the easier and appropriate movement options offered and rest more often. Check if you can breathe and smile and do the exercise all at the same time.

Working with injuries: Discomfort and/or pain are always a signal to pay extra attention. Be respectful of any limitation(s) your body may have and, where appropriate, either rest and/or work in a gentle and consistent way to extend them without moving into pain or using more effort than is required.

Yoga and Feldenkrais classes are non-competitive: Please don’t compare yourself to others. Class is not a competition that can be won. Everyone is different. Your body has a range of movement and ways of doing those movements that are uniquely yours. With, time, patience and awareness, dramatic and subtle changes will occur.

Playing it safe: If you didn’t hear the instruction or are unsure about something, whatever it is, please always feel free to ask for clarification during the class.

Drinking water: It is not ideal to drink water during your yoga practice, please only drink during class if it is absolutely necessary.

After class

Eating after class: Try to wait at least 20 minutes after class. This helps the body to integrate changes which have been made.

Don’t give up: The benefits of yoga, Feldenkrais and meditation are both instant and cumulative. Expect to feel different, calmer, more energetic, more flexible, healthier, more joyful…these are some of the many benefits of these practices. However, you may also experience some initial tiredness as your body systems and energies rebalance. Be gentle with yourself while it passes. If you have any concerns or questions please check with your teacher at class or phone Sara on 0415 363 313.

In Between Classes

Homework: Recall some the easier movements you did in class and find a few minutes to do them at home…a little bit daily goes a long way…

Practice mindfulness throughout the day: Regularly return your attention to your breathing and smile as you consciously participate in the present moment.