Mindfulness Meditation with Dr Richard Yin

A chance to spend time in nature is a blessing …

October Meditation Nature Walk

In the city it is easy to forget our relationship to the natural world. Or more precisely, it is easy to forget we are part of the natural world. Being in the bush helps remind us that we are woven into the ecology of life and not separate from it.

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Join us on a Meditative Walk with Richard Yin in the Darling Ranges on the weekend of 27/28 October.

You can either come for a two day walk and stay overnight in a Bibbulmun Track campsite or for a return walk of around four hours [plus time for talk and lunch] on Saturday. There will be time to share ideas and impressions as well as time to walk in silence.

On Saturday morning we will be meeting at Sullivan’s Rock picnic area which is one hour from Perth on Albany Highway. We will have an easy walk of 6.2 km/1.5 to 2 hours to Mt Cooke Campsite where we will gather for a talk and lunch. Afterwards day walkers will return to Sullivan’s Rock.

Overnighters will go on for 13.4 km/3.5 to 4 hours to Nerang Campsite, crossing Mt Cooke for a fabulous view from above. On Sunday we will walk on flat ground to Wearne Rd 15.6 km/4 to 5 hours away. This is a 20 minute drive from Sullivan’s Rock and we will have left cars there for getting back to the starting point. There is no road access to the track between Sullivan’s Rock and Wearne Road, so it will not be possible for day walkers to join us on Sunday.

Please register your interest as soon as possible and preferably by 7 October. There is a fair bit to organise and coordinate in regard to transport and camping, so I will be contacting you with more details as soon as I hear from you. The walk is by dana.

Contact Gaby on mindmed@tpg.com.au

Dana/donation given on this walk will go to the Community Organizing Fellowship. The fellowship trains leaders in advocating for social and environmental change. It is founded on recognizing the strengths of diversity within a strong democracy. For the last year I have been attending this training and been inspired by its quality and the courage and commitment of participants of all ages who come from all walks of life. It is in many ways mindfulness-in-action: heartfelt, considered engagement in the world to bring about a more just and inclusive society. Richard